wp-1457530237786It’s a completely natural and nutritionally unique product, with no thickeners, preservatives or artificial colours, with an amazing flavour of real and very ripe and concentrated tomatoes with a great aroma and a perfect texture, which proves its sensory, organoleptic and gastronomic quality and is a reflection of the excellence of MATA’s hundred-year-old trademark.

Extra Quality, contains only tomato sauce with olive oil and natural spices.

Tomato Frito is a pureed tomato sauce with a hint of onion and garlic, that can be used as a base ingredient for tapas, with cheese, pasta, pizza, fish, vegetables and many more or enjoyed simply for its own flavour. It is distinct from most tomato sauces because the tomatoes have been gently fried in quality olive oil.

In south eastern Spain, it is frequently spread on toasted baguette and eaten as a breakfast dish. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Pan Catalan.

Tomato Frito was popularized in the United Kingdom as a short-cut ingredient by Delia Smith, featuring in her books and website recipes.

Packaging – 370g glass jar
Ingredients: Tomatoes without seeds and skins, Olive Oil, Sugar, Salt and Condiments

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