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Green  baby asparagus cooked  in olive oil, which  preserves them so  very well. Product  created  by  MATA ,bearing  the stamp of finesse and flavour unmatched by other products.

Asparagus Verdes Trigueros  –  Unique incomparable jewels of the Spanish land…Only Nature can create such incomparable wonders…Only Mata brings them to your table …For Lovers of haute cuisine…

Variety grown in fertile  lands and highly selected,  then fried with olive oil, making  them a delicacy. The original product  of Mata is full of  flavour  and  the natural goodness of the  earth . These are canned asparagus very effective for  quick meal preparation.

All other trademarks are boiled in water alone,  but this have  been  cooked in olive oil.

Speciality gourmet preserved asparagus  by Mata Spain . Loved by all that taste it for its uniqueness

The spears  are small, thin and cut into small pieces – about 2 inches long-, properly maintaining texture and flavour. Warm up , drain and eat on its  own  or serve  as accompaniment to a dish .  Very tender and ready to use. Makes a quick and easy scrambled eggs,  cold can also participate in a salads.

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