tamangoMata’s  tinned   broad beans can hold their own against  the seasonal  broad beans and are  consider a true  gourmet product .

Unique incomparable jewels of the Spanish land…Only Nature can create such incomparable  wonders…Only Mata brings them to your table …For Lovers of haute cuisine…

Reference product for gourmets,  it is the first brand and precooked dish in Spain for over 70 years. MATA’s fried   broad beans are a variety selected over time,  planted on appropriate land , harvested with care, carefully selected and cooked  with the best olive oil. Unique and simply different,  Simply the Best worldwide.

Slightly larger in calibre than  the Habas Fritas «Baby» , follows closely all processes and quality controls that have made the company MATA  a national benchmark  for quality.

Product size – habas fritas beans  ( broad beans ) , cooked in  olive oil, selected variety in the market for its exceptional quality .

Packaging – 420 g tin



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