About Productos MATA

MATA is  a family business that is located in a village called Alcaudete  in Jaén, Spain. Throughout more than ONE HUNDRED YEARS of history, the company has been manufacturing the SWEET PASTRIES and TRADITIONAL FORMULAS CANNED  VEGATABLES  with strictly enforced standards to maintain the excellent quality that has brought fame and prestige to Mata. All products are manufactured following the most traditional style.

When one speaks of a family business that has served 110 years of work, success for four generations of the same family, it is noteworthy that this event is an outstanding example of perseverance and commitment towards the prestige and fame of products that have been and continue to be leaders in the national and international market.

The experiences accumulated over 4 generations are added to the  latest technological innovations to make Mata products  look toward to a promising future ahead for the challenge of facing the next generation of which is and the fifth succession.

 Created in Jaen in 1897, the company is a market leader in the manufacture of  sweet pastries: nougat brittles, assorted cakes, etc. Mata can proudly claim to be the creators of the world famous hojaldrina puff pastry, a product which has become indispensable in Spanish homes , specially at Christmas time: “the only genuine hojaldrina is Mata hojaldrina”.

Mata is also a leading manufacturer of vegetable preserves and pre-cooked food. Its best known products of this type are its ever popular fried baby broad  beans – HABAS FRITAS  and the TOMATO FRITO , which over the years have become a permanent fixture on the menus of the best known restaurants and in specialized food shops as a  gourmet product. The  fried Tomato Frito  is absolutely unique, almost comparable to tomatoes cooked at home, and the taste of their hojaldrina puff pastry “will move you to tears”.

Supplying  some of the finest restaurants and gourmet shops over the years  , as well as  being firm favourite with many families when it comes to traditional Spanish sweet pastries,  Mata products  are sure to  deliver quality every time. If you are interested in stocking this brand.

Broad Beans Habas Fritas Tamango Beans MATA

tamangoMata’s  tinned   broad beans can hold their own against  the seasonal  broad beans and are  consider a true  gourmet product .

Unique incomparable jewels of the Spanish land…Only Nature can create such incomparable  wonders…Only Mata brings them to your table …For Lovers of haute cuisine…

Reference product for gourmets,  it is the first brand and precooked dish in Spain for over 70 years. MATA’s fried   broad beans are a variety selected over time,  planted on appropriate land , harvested with care, carefully selected and cooked  with the best olive oil. Unique and simply different,  Simply the Best worldwide.

Slightly larger in calibre than  the Habas Fritas “Baby” , follows closely all processes and quality controls that have made the company MATA  a national benchmark  for quality.

Product size – habas fritas beans  ( broad beans ) , cooked in  olive oil, selected variety in the market for its exceptional quality .

Packaging – 420 g tin

MATA Tomato Sauce


MATA Tomato Frito (Tomato Sauce) 370 g

According to the famous food critic, Rafael García Santos, organizer of the International Congress of Gastronomy that takes place in San Sebastian every year:  “It tastes of very ripe tomato, with a great slight aroma. The texture is perfect. Nutritionally unique, sublime and delicious. It melts in your mouth. Ethereal purée “

It’s a completely natural and nutritionally unique product, with no thickeners, preservatives or artificial colours, with an amazing flavour of real and very ripe and concentrated tomatoes, with a great slight aroma and a perfect texture, which proves its sensory, organoleptic and gastronomic quality and is a reflection of the excellence of this hundred-year-old trademark.

Extra Quality, contains only tomato sauce with olive oil and natural spices.  Made with  the recipe from  “Grandma”, a connoisseur of natural things . MATA follows in this  line , selecting all  products for their incorporated  Natural Quality .  Mata was the first brand of precooked dishes in Spain more than 70 years ago.

Tomate Frito (Spanish for fried tomato) is a pureed tomato sauce with a hint of onion and garlic, that can be used as a base ingredient or enjoyed simply for its own flavour. It is distinct from most tomato sauces because the tomatoes have been gently  fried in quality olive oil.

It is the most common tomato ingredient of Spanish cuisine other than fresh tomatoes, and is sold under many brand names. When made by first low frying garlic and onion pieces in oil with spices and then adding the tomato puree it is known as Sofrito.

In south eastern Spain, it is frequently spread on toasted baguette and eaten as a breakfast dish. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Pan Catalan’.

Tomato Frito was popularised in the United Kingdom as a short-cut ingredient by  Delia Smith, featuring  it in books and her website recipes.

The  fried tomato frito  is a  absolutely unique product , almost comparable to tomato cooked  at home.

Packaging – 370 g   glass jar


Tomatoes without seeds and skins, Olive Oil , Sugar , Salt and Condiments

Green Baby Asparagus in olive oil MATA

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Green  baby asparagus cooked  in olive oil, which  preserves them so  very well. Product  created  by  MATA ,bearing  the stamp of finesse and flavour unmatched by other products.

Asparagus Verdes Trigueros  –  Unique incomparable jewels of the Spanish land…Only Nature can create such incomparable wonders…Only Mata brings them to your table …For Lovers of haute cuisine…

Variety grown in fertile  lands and highly selected,  then fried with olive oil, making  them a delicacy. The original product  of Mata is full of  flavour  and  the natural goodness of the  earth . These are canned asparagus very effective for  quick meal preparation.

All other trademarks are boiled in water alone,  but this have  been  cooked in olive oil.

Speciality gourmet preserved asparagus  by Mata Spain . Loved by all that taste it for its uniqueness

The spears  are small, thin and cut into small pieces – about 2 inches long-, properly maintaining texture and flavour. Warm up , drain and eat on its  own  or serve  as accompaniment to a dish .  Very tender and ready to use. Makes a quick and easy scrambled eggs,  cold can also participate in a salads.